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February 08 2018

A Mom Got Sick Of Seeing Short-Shorts For Girls, So She Started Her Own Line





“ Sharon Choksi, founder Girls Will Be, decided to do something about the lack of options for girls. She said the inspiration for her new line of clothing, came from her daughter and niece, Maya and Grace, who wanted to wear clothing that wasn’t frilly, “nothing with bows” and absolutely “NO sparkles.” They were interested in “climbing trees, building LEGO creations, and playing with cars and trucks,” Choksi said. “

from the above article:

She collected boys and girls clothes from 10 of the biggest retailers that were all meant for kids of around the same size and age and measured them. What she found was that the girls’ shirts were one to three inches thinner. The sleeves were shorter. And the girls’ shorts were barely a third of the length.

I know this was true when I was a kid, but it’s gotten a lot worse since then.

Looks like the girls shorts are completely sold out right now, but let’s hope this is a trend

HOLY SHIT YES. I’ve had SO many conversations about dress codes and stuff where people complain about how “skimpy” the clothes tween girls wear are, and I have to explain to them that those are their only options. There literally aren’t pants a tween/early teen girl can buy anywhere between capris and a 3-inch inseam. Shit, I’m 32 and wear a size 22/24 pants and I have trouble finding shorts that cover over half my thigh!

From the homepage of the company’s website:

And Pockets! Because girls need pockets for their stuff, just like boys! 

Thank you, sweet baby Jesus!

February 07 2018

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Iris and Cecile in “True Colors”


love that the tumblr app won’t send me notifications when I get a message or inbox but has just decided to start telling me “xxx blog just posted something!” 8 times a day

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SARA LANCE WEEK - Day 3: Favorite scene(s)
↳ Do you know how hard it is for me to not alter events? To bring my sister back?

Sara acknowledging and accepting, after months of beating herself up over it, that she can’t bring her sister back in any way, sort or form, and finally giving herself some peace in the process.

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PRESENTING: john “the scalpel” reese

text via @arbitrarygreay [source]

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Do Your Fucking Research *Nicki Minaj Voice*

Wow… Lmao.

Some people threw white paint on it a few years back.

They want to be a victim so bad.

Fun Fact: That’s a statue of the fist which Joe Louis used to knock out Max Schmeling, Hitler’s favored heavyweight boxer in 1938. Schmeling won the 1st bout by knockout in round twelve, but Joe Louis came back in the follow-up match and laid him the fuck out in the 1st round.

Fun Fact: Schmeling was hated by the Nazis for losing to a black man and for having a Jewish manager, and he hated them right back, stating in 1975 that he was glad he’d lost the fight because the thought of  the Nazis using him for propaganda purposes sickened him. He also personally saved the lives of two Jewish children and later became lifelong friends with Joe Louis.

So maybe don’t refer to him as “Hitler’s favored heavyweight boxer”…

Thank you for this additional info!

Reblogging this for the added facts and so people know that Schmeling wasn’t a Nazi or Nazi collaborator and was in fact a good man

Imagine hating Nazis so much that when you get beaten up your response is “Good, now they can’t use me as a role model.”

And even if it WERE a Black Panther memorial, the Panthers are about RESISTANCE to hatred and oppression.

This is almost a textbook-perfect example of how one of the essential elements of Nazi propaganda is appropriation- not just cultural, but individual and interpersonal. They have a long history of not only willing atrocity but using the images, careers, and symbols of others against their will as icons. Fascists don’t just hate the accomplishments of their critics, they claim, profiteer off, and retroactively ruin the accomplishments of people who aren’t even their friends but superficially are useful to them.

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# she did THAT



the saddest death in harry potter is my respect for jk rowling

I can’t believe this shitpost went viral on twitter I’ll just be here chillin’ waiting for jk rowling to block me too lmao

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this is so funny to me

Ten Strong Female Star Wars Characters We’re Stoked to Watch Being Violently Assaulted


Have you heard? Lucasfilm just hired David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the creators of Game of Thrones, to direct their very own Star Wars trilogy. I don’t know about you guys, but I think this is a great move for the franchise. We’re living in a new age of feminist progress: predators are being exiled, grassroots campaigns like #MeToo are empowering women to speak up, and film industry leaders are implementing structural change via the Time’s Up campaign. What better storytelling duo to carry Star Wars forward in this post-Weinstein epoch than Benioff and Weiss? I mean, they’ve never written a female character’s story arc that didn’t involve a violent rape for her to overcome. Talk about allyship!





tag your superbowl spoilers

Tom Brady dies

He was ruthlessly murdered by the corporate machine


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