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October 17 2017


game dev: we make deep, meaningful, games with real messages. we don’t want our games to be just mindless and feel good - we make games to say something about the world we live in

community: hey this bit seems to be kind of weirdly racist

game dev: actually we aren’t saying anything and our games are just for fun and there is absolutely no correlation between this and anything in the real world



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Obviously I want you to take care of your pets and make sure they get food and fresh water on a regular basis, but cats being huge drama queens and screaming hysterically at you and acting like they’re tragic famine victims who haven’t eaten in weeks and are about to drop dead from starvation right mcfuckin now, because you’re 10 minutes late feeding them is always going to be one of the funniest things to me

the cat who lives at the vet clinic i volunteer at was mad yesterday because his dinner was half an hour late due to a busy day. he proceeded to go to all the (empty dw) garbage cans and tried to knock them over and started desperately scavenging for scraps of food because obviously no one loves him or cares about him and if he must eat garbage to survive then so be it

not food related, but one time my cat cried at me for 20 minutes before i worked out that the reason why she was upset was because there was a coat hanger on her favourite cushion

This is absolutely beautiful and changed my life, thank you so much. Please protect her from hangers at all costs




Men hate their mother-in-laws because she’s a woman who has social influence on his wife. So his wife is less likely to take his shit if she has her mom on her side. Plus the mother in law is in a rare social position of authority for a woman, so she can leverage her social weight to speak her mind to a man when if she was just a friend, the man could easily say she has no right, or that she is a bitch, or that she is hysterical. The last two still get used on the mother-in-law, but are not as powerful as in other circumstances it could be the wife being forced to give up a friendship. The mother-in-law can’t be gotten rid of.

That is not actually why most men hate their mother-in-laws. Ninety percent of the time, it is because the woman is an overbearing and controlling cunt.

Ah yes we were looking for a Misogynistic Take, so refreshing and novel.

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Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum + nipples

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daisy ridley is living with her makeup artist gal pal in a cabin in the canadian wilderness making vegan pancakes this sounds like a shitpost but its something i read with my two gay eyes

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This is slavery.

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A tiny bean hops to comfort a fellow less happier bean.

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The Scream ( 2017 )
                    — truly, a Masterpiece™





the only person who ever came back for Rey was Finn

Kylo did too. After Finn “rescued” her Kylo went looking for her.

harry potter wasn’t alone. voldemort spent 7 books trying to find him

Sign’s Age


Looks 10, is actually 25: Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

Looks 25, is actually 10: Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn

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Eleanor Shellstrop + plaid shirts


I was talking with @bitchfromtheseventhhell about how Jon is hyperaware of social status and acts accordingly, even at the Wall. This rings especially true in his relationships with women. With women of higher or stronger social status than him, Jon is respectful, defers to them, and doesn’t presume to rule them. This is true for his relationships with Catelyn, Val, Selyse, Alys, Sansa, Arya and even Ygritte who despite being a wildling, had known her in context where she wielded significant social power over him (Jon was the outsider who had to prove himself; Ygritte was trusted by the wildlings without question). He tends to offer them terms that benefits them and doesn’t step on their toes. In other words, he doesn’t try to rule them. In Ygritte’s case, he does ultimately “betray” her, after being forced into a relationship with her for the sake of his survival, but it’s an action that haunts him after.

In fact, there’s really only one prominent female character in Jon’s story that is of a lower social standing than him, and that’s Gilly post her flight from Craster.

Lees verder

October 16 2017

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Dude filmmaker: We wanted to cleverly critique the way women are brutalised then sidelined in films. To do this, we had the women in our film brutalised then sidelined. I think you’ll find it incredible; I found it so good that at one point in the film you can hear me audibly groaning “ahhh, cinema” from behind the camera.

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blink - the gifted 1.02 rX
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