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November 18 2017

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Zack Snyder: masterful, creative, iconic shots often with parallels to sophisticated stories and works of art; fantastical stories and characters presented in a serious, realistic light; respectful nods and clever allusions to the source material.

Joss Whedon: boob jokes and ass shots.


okay but is nobody gonna talk about how fucking lit the steppenwolf / amazon chase scene with the motherbox was ????? bc the teamwork and everything w/ the amazons and hippolyta was incredible


whedons bad writing, reshoots: “you smell good”, “what  did it feel like (dying)” “itchy”, the one scene where barry falls on diana in a spooning/missionary scene, obvious green screens where it was a regular backgroung 5 seconds ago

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On my lead.

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Actually me

Reposted bystellina43 stellina43
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# cute

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My favorite scene

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I’ll be honest with you, I’m only just reblogging this for Steve Harrington’s outfit.

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This is a GQ article that just came out and is possibly the gayest thing I’ve ever read. Props to the interviewer for doing her level best to get Gal Godot to ‘teach her how to fight’ (read: throw her down in the sand)

hi yes I’m dying

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Ju-Hyun Park

“Love and fury can coexist” is one of the rawest fucking statements regarding human rights activism that I’ve ever heard

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I don’t believe it. What are you?

Justice league is so good!!!

Joss whedon did fuck it up with a lot of parts. But the story is good, the team work is great. Next one with Patty Jenkins at the helm it will be magnificent.



1.09 is literally the worst thing that could have happened to Eleanor. Not only is she going to the Bad Place, where she will literally be tortured for all eternity, but in her place there’ll be real!Eleanor, Chidi’s perfect soulmate in every way. And that kills her. But not in the way she expected it to.

Like I think the first time I watched it, I thought she was jealous that Chidi now has this “perfect” Eleanor; that she gets surly and starts pulling back from him because she doesn’t want to have to deal with the pain of being replaced. (which is still definitely part of it)

But I think it’s also that seeing real!Eleanor interact with Chidi makes her see what she’s been denying him of this whole time. 1x05 ended with her realizing that the more attention and effort Chidi puts into her, the more pain he causes himself because he’ll never know his soulmate. But now he does. He does and so does Eleanor and actually having a physical person to represent the happiness she was keeping Chidi from kills her. 

Even more so because even now that Chidi has this incredible, perfect-for-him-in-every-way soulmate, he’s still helping her. He’s still taking time away from his happiness and trying to save her and now that she sees what he would have without her, she just can’t keep watching him do that. 

When she wakes up in the bathtub and he offers to walk over to the deliberation with her, you can see this bright, hopeful little half-smile come across her face, because he’s still with her. But then she immediately pushes it away and tries to push him away, because fork, she can’t keep dragging him down with her. Not Chidi. Not anymore.

and what KILLS me is that chidi refuses to let her do it ‘i’m in this; we’re a team’ like he knows what he got himself into and he knows how prickly and nasty she can be but he’s all in he doesn’t mean it romantically yet - i don’t think either of them do - but he is not letting her self-destruct. she means too much to him. (WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE)





how yall draw 14 year olds:

I’m screaming you could not have missed the point of this post more

also yall saying “I know 14 year olds that look like this” no you don’t because this is what I meant:



Ive heard people who watch sg find the nazi costume kara’s wearing sexy or fun or something, so let me make it perfectly clear that she is wearing a symbol of violence against jewish people, lgbt people, rromani people, disabled people, and countless others killed by the ss, so if you feel anything other than dread or disgust looking at it there’s something truly wrong with you

And while melissa herself is a white supremecist, doing this to joe + jerry’s creation is literally violence


u know what today is today is the day racists come out of hiding to defend blackface and racist stereotypes i love my country

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I feel like this is a very important thread considering a lot of people cut Hollywood abusers a lot of slack just because “they’re work is very good and entertaining”. There are plenty of other Hollywood actresses/actors that don’t pull off gross shit like this, support them instead…. At the end of the day, we need to put the victims first and stop letting this shit slide.

Full access to the thread incase anyone wants to open the sources.

I’ve added more sources to provide more evidence since these are very serious crimes and some people might not feel comfortable with just depending on a twitter thread:  

Woody Allen

Roman Pollanski

Victor Salva

Bill Cosby (him literally admitting to raping women) 

Casey Affleck

Mike Tyson

Johnny Depp

Charlie Sheen

Mel Gibson

never not reblog this

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